Dr. Anita Haque Addresses Ware Malcocmb

I was talking to Dr Anita Haque, Livermore Chiropractor, and her husband, Don Parker, Personal Fitness Coach, today about Internet marketing and promotion. We met at barnes and Noble out in Hacienda Crossing for about an hour.

I’ve pitched four chiropractors on the opportunity for chiropractors to dominate Google search results in their geographic over the last two years and not one of them has caught the vision. Dr. Haque and Don did.

I’ll be talking to a San Ramon chiropractor tomorrow and I’m looking for a female personal trainer in the San Ramon Area to also be part of the team. Within six months of launching our online effort, I expect these four individuals to dominate the TriValley area for organic search results.

Dr. Haque told me she will be addressing Ware Malcomb, an architectural and design company for commercial real estate with a local office in San Ramon CA tomorrow.

“At this ‘lunch and learn’, my presentation will include the four main essentials of health,” said Dr. Haque. 

The 4 Essentials of Health are:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Oxygen 
  • Nerve Impulses

“Three of the four essentials are obvious however putting it into action is easier said than done. I plan on bringing a little humor and providing people in this company some easy and creative ways to become more efficient at eating, exercising and drinking more water (not coffee).”

The fourth essential, nerve impulses, is an area of my expertise.  Since nerve impulses are basically the messages that allow the brain to communicate to the body and vice versa,  eating right, exercising and drinking more water will not make much of a difference if these impulses are not working properly.  This is where posture, stress  and the subluxations is discussed since it has a huge effect on nerve impulses.” – Anita Haque, D.C.

I’ll be interested to hear how the group at Ware Malcomb in San Ramon responds to this insight from a propfessional chiropractic doctor who walks the talk.

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